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retail media solutions

simply start monetizing

Retail media has become a fundamental pillar in advertising. You have the audience and data to create an awesome advertising proposition. Brands are lining up to run their campaigns on your site, app and other media you own. But you can quickly run into challenges, such as creating an advertising proposition, making different technologies work together, and dealing with legal and data protection rules. But no worries! We’re Adhese – we make advertising simply work.

why retail media owners choose us

flexible and approachable

Adhese is approachable and open to customizing solutions based on your specific needs.

privacy and data

Cookieless advertising, privacy regulations, and your customers’ trust and loyalty are at the core of everything we do.

adtech leaders

Adhese knows retail advertising inside & out. Our experts help you handle its challenges effortlessly. While the Adhese platform itself is advanced, innovative and easy to implement.

how it works

adhese integrates with your media and customer data

The Adhese AdTech platform integrates directly with your website, app, POS system, in-store screens and any other media you want to start monetizing. It also integrates with your customer data systems. These two integrations are everything you need to be able to run targeted advertising campaigns on your media!

determine your inventory

An important step is to determine which parts of your site, app, or other media you’ll be offering for advertising. These ad spaces are called inventory. Think of them as the shelves in a store: just as you decide what products to display on those shelves, so you choose which parts of your website or other media can show advertisements. Adhese has user-friendly inventory management functionalities, and provides the tools to understand and optimize your inventory’s performance.

running campaigns

You may not have the capacity or specialists to run advertising campaigns. But don’t worry. Adhese offers everything you need to manage and optimize campaigns using two different models:

  • You (the retail media owner) manage campaigns. The campaign manager is easy to use, so your people are up-to-speed in no time!
  • Your advertisers or media agencies manage campaigns, using a self-service portal. You stay in control of who does what on your media at all times!

Adhese helps in getting everything up and running by offering training and support services.

get ready to scale up

Once you understand how advertising can work for you and have experienced its monetization potential, you will probably want to scale up. So it’s good to know that Adhese technology is ready to help you scale across your other media properties and extend your reach. With advanced tools to optimize your inventory’s yield, including programmatic advertising.

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how to get going

Assess your media to identify optimal locations for advertisements. Look for areas that attract the most visitor engagement without disrupting the user experience.

Formulate propositions and determine pricing.

Implement Adhese to get control over which ads appear and when. Adhese helps you streamline processes as your ad operations grow.

Choose which brands you want to partner with for your initial ad placements. Set up simple, flexible ad agreements that are easy for both parties to manage and understand.

Start running campaigns, and gain experience setting up your campaigns, managing creatives and getting acquainted with Adhese’s campaign manager.

Once your ads are live, begin tracking their performance meticulously. Use analytics tools and our dashboard to optimize both revenue and the user experience.



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Adhese enables consentless (or no-consent) advertising, utilizing contextual targeting and first-party data to respect privacy and meet legal standards….
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Adhese ensures compliance, prioritizes user privacy, supports cookieless tracking, and maintains a secure data infrastructure….
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Discover the future of online advertising with our comprehensive whitepaper on consent and cookie-less advertising.


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