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inventory management

understand and optimize the performance of your inventory

Dynamic campaign strategies

Real-time performance data on ad spaces enables dynamic adjustments of campaign strategies. Focus on high-performance areas and adjust placements to match current market demands.

Enhance campaign performance

Make better decisions about ad placements and campaign strategies, based on the performance of ad spaces. Optimize campaigns to the specific dynamics of the available inventory.

No overbooking or underutilization

Optimize yield by preventing overbooking or low fill rates of ad inventory by having a clear overview of available ad spaces and their scheduling. Thereby enhancing revenue potential without compromising the user experience.

track your inventory

Monitor the availability, status and performance of ad spaces. Ensure all inventory is accounted for, from available slots to those already occupied by ongoing campaigns.

forecast demand

Predict future demand for different types of ad spaces to support the efficient planning and allocating of inventory (seasonality, period, etc).

get insights

Comprehensive reporting tools and dashboards provide visual insights, helping advertisers and media owners fully understand their campaign’s impact.

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Cookieless advertising

A webinar where you can ask everything you always wanted to know about it!
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privacy first – and last

Adhese ensures compliance, prioritizes user privacy, supports cookieless tracking, and maintains a secure data infrastructure.

Maximize revenue by optimizing ad space usage and performance

get the most from your media and data

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discover other capabilities

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