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the simply smarter advertising platform

Start or grow your advertising business with our smart advertising platform. Stay in control of the customer experience and your data.

Adhese is the AdTech platform that has all the capabilities to monetize effectively:

  • Mix direct advertising with programmatic.
  • Create campaigns across media and devices.
  • Use first-party data for advanced targeting.
  • Optimize campaigns and yield using analytics insights.

Adhese puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you complete control over your advertising operations. You have the freedom to set the rules, from advertiser to campaign to individual creative assets. You can choose the level of involvement that suits your business, whether that’s self-service, managed or a combination of the two. And with Adhese you can deliver hyper-targeted, personalized advertising propositions without compromising client data security.

And what’s even better? We’ve made it really easy to implement and use!

laptop showing Adhese platform



omnichannel ad serving

Adhese serves advertisements to any device, any channel: mobile app, website, in-store screens (DOOH), POS systems, email, even physical media such as banners or stickers. An open connector API makes it possible to extend the coverage to new or bespoke channels.

Targeted ads that use your proprietary data are achieved by a combination of anonymisation and enrichment. Advanced targeting rules take the media, position and enriched user data to serve ads the user finds relevant. The performance of serving ads is critical to the user experience, which is why the platform uses a server-side rendering architecture that is crazy fast and scales to the sky.

An outdoor advertisement billboard featuring a fashion ad. The poster shows a woman dressed in a stylish red outfit, sitting elegantly, with a red handbag next to her. The background is solid red, making the image and text stand out. The text on the poster reads, "Elegance defined. Get RED." The billboard is located on a city street with buildings and a fence visible in the background.
A close-up of a person's wrist wearing a smartwatch. The smartwatch screen displays an image of a red handbag, indicating an advertisement or promotional content. The background is blurred but appears to be an indoor shopping mall with bright lights and a busy atmosphere. The watchband is white, and the overall image conveys a modern and tech-savvy shopping experience.
A woman interacting with a touch screen display in a store. The display shows a variety of red handbags in different styles and designs. The woman is dressed in a light-colored coat and a white turtleneck sweater, and she is holding a red handbag. The store setting is modern and well-lit, with shelves in the background showcasing various products. The image captures the woman in a moment of decision-making, highlighting the integration of technology in shopping experiences.
A laptop placed on a wooden table, displaying an e-commerce website. The screen shows a selection of products, including sneakers and a red bag, with details and prices visible. The setting appears to be a modern, well-lit workspace with a plant in the background, adding a touch of greenery to the scene. The focus is on the laptop screen, highlighting the online shopping experience.


inventory management

Manage the inventory of ad spaces in a way that campaigns can utilize them.

Inventory management isn’t just about tracking what’s available; it’s about gaining insights into how ad spaces perform in real-time. This leads to more dynamic adjustments in advertising strategies, such as shifting focus to higher-performing areas or tweaking ad deployments based on current demand and user engagement trends.

A clear overview of available spaces helps prevent overbooking or underutilizing valuable ad inventory.

adhese platform on iPad



Targeting ads allows for the delivery of advertisements based on user behavior, preferences and the specific context of the ad placement. Enhancing relevance and engagement, also for traffic without consent!

Your data allows you to create audiences that can be activated on your inventory. Audiences can be created on loyalty data, shopping behavior, or any data you have available. These audiences drive engagement and conversion.

You don’t need any cookies to activate your data, providing you with a sustainable advertising business in a cookie-free future!

Two men sitting at an outdoor café table, both enjoying coffee. One man, on the left, is holding a smartphone and smiling, while the other man, on the right, is raising his arms in a celebratory gesture. The setting includes a glass window behind them and greenery surrounding the area, creating a pleasant outdoor ambiance.
A woman standing in front of a glass window, looking at her smartphone. She has long, wavy brown hair and is wearing a black coat over a red top. Her reflection is visible in the glass window behind her. The setting appears to be an indoor or urban environment with soft lighting.
A woman sitting in the backseat of a car, holding a smartphone with earphones plugged in. She is wearing a light-colored outfit and appears to be listening to something on her phone. A tablet rests on her lap, indicating she might be multitasking or preparing for some work. The interior of the car is dark, contrasting with her light attire.
A family of three sitting at a dining table, using a laptop. The father, on the left, is holding a smartphone while smiling and looking at the screen. The mother, in the center, is smiling and holding their young child, who is eating a piece of bread and also looking at the laptop. The table is set with various breakfast items, including fruit, cereals, and a bottle of milk, creating a cozy and warm family atmosphere.


campaign management

Adhese has everything to create, manage and optimize advertising campaigns.

User-friendly and streamlined. Adhese streamlines setting up, executing and monitoring advertising campaigns. Repetitive tasks are automated and all campaign elements managed in a single interface. This saves time and reduces errors, freeing you up to focus on strategy and optimization.

Self-service and managed. Adhese provides flexibility by offering both self-service and managed campaign options. This dual approach caters to diverse needs, enhances operational efficiency, and opens up broader revenue opportunities by attracting a wide range of advertisers with varying preferences and levels of expertise. The self-service option is supported by a self-service portal that gives your advertisers and agencies campaign management and dashboard capabilities.

laptop showing Adhese platform


direct & programmatic

Adhese enables media owners to efficiently manage direct ad sales and automated, data-driven ad purchases, thus optimizing ad revenue across different channels and strategies. For advertisers, direct deals ensure premium placements and guaranteed impressions, aligning with specific campaign goals. Programmatic buying provides access to a wide range of inventory with precision targeting and real-time optimization, enhancing campaign performance and cost efficiency.

adhese platform on iPad


comprehensive insights

Adhese offers comprehensive reporting and dashboard capabilities designed to provide media owners with detailed insights into their advertising operations: monitor performance, find optimizations and make data-driven decisions.

Customizable dashboards include views tailored to your needs so you get a clear overview of campaign and inventory performance.

Real-time data reporting lets you see up-to-the-minute results from your advertising operations. Allowing you to optimize performance and maximize ad spend efficiency.

Cross-platform performance tracking consolidates data from all media and channels, enabling you to assess and compare performance across all platforms.

laptop showing adhese platform


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Discover the future of online advertising with our comprehensive whitepaper on consent and cookie-less advertising.
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Adhese enables consentless (or no-consent) advertising, utilizing contextual targeting and first-party data to respect privacy and meet legal standards….
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Adhese ensures compliance, prioritizes user privacy, supports cookieless tracking, and maintains a secure data infrastructure….


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