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privacy-focused ad solution

"We believe the future lies in privacy-first advertising and even no-consent advertising. We value Tweakers's guts and determination in taking this approach for over two years, far ahead of the market. "

Tim Sturtewagen,

Tweakers is an online publisher making most of its income from digital advertising. With it’s focus on tech, hardware and software, it has one of the most tech savvy audiences in the Netherlands and Belgium. As these users are very aware of privacy and strongly against tracking, many of them (>60%) were using an ad blocker.

In cooperation with Adhese, Tweakers implemented the platform with all advertisements guaranteed to be tracking free. They then went into a direct conversation with their users, asking them to turn off ad blockers and inspect their new approach.
As a direct result, up to 65% of users who were blocking all campaigns before, turned them off for the Tweakers environment, opening up valuable inventory. is the largest electronics and technology website in the Benelux with an average of 4 million visitors and 100 million page views per month. It is the leading title in consumer electronics and technology. Together with the very active community – more than half a million members – the editors provide a critical view of technology. Tweakers tests and compares laptops, smartphones, tablets, games and TVs down to the smallest detail.


  • Make sure all campaigns are tracking free and served from a Tweakers domain.
  • Integrate dynamic creatives, updated through live product feeds to be served by various campaigns.
  • Speed and performance are very important as users are tech-savvy and easily annoyed by advertisements that slow down page loads and harm UX.


  • Ad serving: Tweakers implemented the Adhese ad serving API in their front-end framework, using asynchronous request methods to load the campaigns as fast as possible.
  • Cookie & consent: Users who do not consent get to see non-personalised campaigns only. Contextual signals were transmitted to Adhese to target campaigns fitting the context of the user.
  • Attribute sync: Users who do consent would also be able to see campaigns targeted to first-party audiences.


  • Positive visitor feedback: Tweakers’ visitors showed a positive reaction to the switch, appreciating the move towards privacy-friendly advertising
  • Advertiser response: Initial advertiser hesitation turned into acceptance, as the new system maintained effective ad performance and engagement
  • Increased revenue: The non-tracking ad approach led to a substantial increase in inventory availability, improving overall revenue potential

In June 2022 Tweakers started their tracking free proposition. Unfortunately, Tweakers plans to stop this proposition in Q3-2024:
Recently, Tweakers announced to reallow third-party tracking on their ads. The amount of advertisers on their platform has significantly decreased, and those advertisers who stuck around lowered budgets. As Tweakers relies strongly on advertiser revenue, they have had to make this decision, although they did not do so lightly. At Adhese, we believe the future lies in privacy-first advertising and even no-consent advertising. We value Tweakers’s guts and determination in taking this approach for over two years, far ahead of the market.


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